Brick stain

What is brick stain

Brick staining is a cosmetic technique used to alter the colour or enhance the appearance of bricks on a building’s exterior or interior. It involves the application of a specially formulated stain or pigment to the surface of the bricks, resulting in a change in colour while still allowing the natural texture and character of the bricks to show through. This process is commonly used to refresh the look of older, faded, or discoloured brickwork. 

Because no two staining situations are the same, a specific shade of brick tint has to be developed for each project, It requires years of experience and should be undertaken by someone competent that can resolve any colour matching problems encountered. 

By mixing the appropriate colours and controlling the concentration of the solution, not only can we tone down colours, in certain situations we can actually lighten the original colour. Once the colour has been established the tint has to be carefully applied by brush to each individual brick or joint. 

The brick staining process 

Brick stain is the process of physically changing the colour of brickwork to match surrounding areas by applying a tinting solution to each individual brick or mortar joint. 

Brick Stain is water-based pigments that are non-toxic, non-flammable and odourless. Unlike paint which coats the surface, brick tints are absorbed and chemically bonded into the masonry surface. This preserves the original texture and character of the brick, resulting in a natural looking change of colour that’s permanent and doesn’t require any ongoing maintenance. It is unaffected by extremes of weather and UV resistant. This stain formulation allows the brickwork to ‘breathe’ in exactly the same way as an untreated surface, meaning the continued natural weathering of the building is unaffected. 

It creates a seamless look by eliminating inconsistencies in colour between different batches of brick and masonry. 

Stain isn’t a surface coating or paint, its iron oxide pigments and a chemical binder, which are applied and penetrate into the brick surface to form a permanent bond. The process enables us to darken, lighten, or completely change the colour of the brick surface to match up extensions incorrect brick choices previously done.  

Stain bricks involves the process of altering the colour or shade of bricks to achieve a desired aesthetic effect. This is typically done by applying a specialized brick tint or stain directly onto the surface of the bricks. The tint penetrates the brick’s porous surface, bonding with its natural mineral composition. Depending on the type of tint used and the desired outcome, multiple layers or applications may be required to achieve the intended colour. Stain can be employed for various purposes, from rejuvenating the appearance of faded or weathered bricks to creating a cohesive colour scheme in architectural designs. It’s a versatile technique that allows for a wide range of colour options while maintaining the brick’s unique texture and durability.