Brick cleaning

Before and after brick cleaning

Brick cleaning before Brick cleaning after
Brick cleaning before Brick cleaning after

Why clean your brickwork?

Preservation of brickwork and the removal of contaminants

Significantly increases the appearance of a property

Increases your property’s value and kerb appeal

Why consider brick cleaning for existing properties?

With continuous exposure to weather conditions and pollution, stonework and bricks in areas like the urban suburbs of Cheshire can gradually lose their original color and become discolored. Additionally, dust accumulation and lack of maintenance contribute to this issue. When working with older properties, we exercise utmost caution and dedicate time to evaluate the specific type of stone or brickwork. This enables us to choose the most appropriate cleaning method that ensures optimal results. As part of our process, we often perform a trial clean on a small section to meticulously select the finest materials and techniques, guaranteeing a superior quality outcome.

Potential attractive brickwork can be spoiled by poor quality smeared pointing, accidentally damaged pointing affected by rain when still wet, or just out and out sloppy work. In either case, Cheshire Pointing can Brick clean to reveal the original brickwork.

You can check out our projects page to see the high standard of work we always maintain.

A trusted 3 step process


Prepare the area with Visqueen sheeting and protection to potential water ingress.

Chemical cleaning

Involves the use of specific cleaning agents or detergents to break down stains, dirt, or organic growth or carbon deposits on the brick surfaces. Different types of cleaning agents are available, depending on the nature of the contaminants and the bricks being cleaned.

Clean up

Clean up and final wash down. Cheshire Pointing will arrange skip collection and scaffolding removal if applicable

View our brick cleaning work

Chemically Cleaning and repointed of a Mid-Terrace property in the center of Macclesfield
Chemically Cleaned and repointed to a Large family detached property in the Wilmslow
Brick repointing to rear of detached house in Northwich
Before & After photos of a recently repointed bungalow in Poynton
Before and after pictures showing the Chemically Cleaned brickwork  of a Detached property in  Bramhall
Refurbished window sills to a conservatory – in Northwich.
Chemically Cleaned and repointed to a Large family detached property in the Wilmslow
Repointed Semi- detached property in Macclesfield