Repointing Brickwork

Before and after brick repointing

Why is repointing brickwork required?

Mortar can deteriorate and crack or fall out over time due to weather and environmental factors such aspollution,weathering or poor maintenance. If you notice damage or crumbling in the mortar between yourbricks, you may need house repointing.

Why repoint your brickwork?

Stops the potential ingress of damp & water

Preserves the structural integrity of your property

Improves your property’s appearance

Increases your property’s value significantly

Brick repointing can last for up to 40 to 60 years

Lime Mortar Repointing,Cheshire, Staffordshire, Wirral, Derbyshire, LiverpoolChoosing the right mortar for repointing a property is very important. While cement mortar maywork for newhomes, many older homes in the UK from the Edwardian, Georgian and Victorianeras need lime mortar. Lime mortar is more flexible and breathable than cement mortar andallows older buildings to move naturally.RepointingBrickworkis our specialty and we have completed many projects in the Northwest with excellentresults and service. Our professional and quality brick repointing can enhance your property’s beauty anddurability by preventing water infiltration and structural problems. Check our reviews here.

Cheshire Pointing Ltd are brickwork repointing experts,trustedto provide quality repointing services in Manchester and Cheshire

A trusted 3 step process


Prep area for dust control, remove old mortar and wash down. Cheshire Pointing will arrange a skip and scaffolding erecting if applicable.


Install new 3.5 NHL Lime mortar or sand and cement.
A full understanding will be explained to you prior to starting so you are clear on the right choice for you.

Clean up

Clean up and final wash down. Cheshire Pointing will arrange skip collection and scaffolding removal if applicable

View our brick repointing work

Chemically Cleaning and repointed of a Mid-Terrace property in the center of Macclesfield
Chemically Cleaned and repointed to a Large family detached property in the Wilmslow
Brick repointing to rear of detached house in Northwich
Before & After photos of a recently repointed bungalow in Poynton
Before and after pictures showing the Chemically Cleaned brickwork  of a Detached property in  Bramhall
Refurbished window sills to a conservatory – in Northwich.
Chemically Cleaned and repointed to a Large family detached property in the Wilmslow
Repointed Semi- detached property in Macclesfield