Frequently Asked Questions

How long does pointing last?

A good quality pointing job should last between 40-60 years on your house, less on a chimney and properties on high ground subject to harsher weather conditions.

How can you tell if your pointing need redoing?

If the pointing starts to look weathered, soft, or falling out in places, degrading, discolouring or you have damp patches internally, this is an indication the mortar/pointing is failing and is no longer waterproofing the building.

What is the difference between grouting and pointing?

Pointing is the term used where you are replacing the joints between bricks. Grouting is the term used for replacing the joints between tiles on a wall i.e., a bathroom or kitchen tile.

What areas do we cover?

We cover Stockport, Warrington, Macclesfield, Altrincham, Cheadle Hulme, Lymm, Wirral, Chester, Nantwich, Stoke, Congleton, Wilmslow, and all surrounding Cheshire villages.

Type of properties we cover?

Mid terraced, three bed, semi, detached, cottage, bungalow, Council houses, predominantly any residential property.

What is the difference between sand and cement and lime mortar?

There are numerous differences, and this list is not exhaustive. Both sand and cement and lime mortar general last the same period of time if mixed correctly, 3.5NHL lime mortar predominantly used on residential properties is more breathable than sand and cement, if you have a grade 2 listed building, it has to be a Lime mortar, or something of heritage interest its best in a lime mortar, if you have a stone cottage its recommended to be done in a lime mortar. Other considerations: Lime mortar cost about 1/3 more in material and labour to install, can only be installed from April to Late Sept due to temperatures needing to be warmer and a consideration to some people is the colour as it general comes in light shades of colour which against an old period uncleaned dark colour brickwork can be a significate contrast in colour which not everyone wants.

How long have you been trading?

Over 22 years with some of my pointers doing the job now 28 years.

Do you offer a guarantee?

We are backed by Trustatrader, but also offer a guarantee.

Can you match pointing work colour?

With Lime mortar it can be sent off to the manufacturing supplier for a match, with sand and cement were necessary we can mix colour dies into the mortar.

What does Pointing cost?

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Does Chemical cleaning damage my bricks?

The aim of brick cleaning is to remove dirt and staining that has been deposited on brickwork. We can restore and clean the brickwork without damaging the brick itself. It generally is best to Brick repoint to give an overall finish, as it’s common on the cleaning process old mortar can get blow out due to high pressure cleaning. Read more…

What is brick tinting?

Brick tinting is the process of physically changing the colour of brickwork to match surrounding areas. This is achieved by applying a tinting solution to each individual brick or mortar joint. Read more…