Stone Pointing

Why repoint your stone walls?

Stops the potential ingress of damp & water

Preserves the structural integrity of your property

Improves your property’s appearance

Increases your property’s value significantly

Brick repointing can last for up to 40 to 60 years

What is stone pointing?

Stone pointing is the process of repairing and restoring the joints between stones in a masonry wall. Itinvolves removing the old mortar, cleaning the joints, and applying new mortar that matches the color,texture, and composition of the original. Stone pointing is important for preserving the structuralintegrity and aesthetic appearance of historic buildings. Stone pointing requires skill, patience, andattention to detail, as well as the use of appropriate tools and generally lime mortar materials. 3.5NHLtends to be the Lime Mortar of choice for stone houses and cottages.

Stone pointing FAQs

A trusted 3 step process for stone pointing


Prep area for dust control, remove old mortar and wash down. Cheshire Pointing will arrange a skip and scaffolding erecting if applicable.


Applying new mortar to an existing raked out joint is generally referred to as repointing. The traditional method of repointing was to push the mortar into the raked out space with a trowel or jointing tool

Clean up

Clean up and final wash down. Cheshire Pointing will arrange skip collection and scaffolding removal if applicable

View our stone pointing work

Chemically Cleaning and repointed of a Mid-Terrace property in the center of Macclesfield
Chemically Cleaned and repointed to a Large family detached property in the Wilmslow
Brick repointing to rear of detached house in Northwich
Before & After photos of a recently repointed bungalow in Poynton
Before and after pictures showing the Chemically Cleaned brickwork  of a Detached property in  Bramhall
Refurbished window sills to a conservatory – in Northwich.
Chemically Cleaned and repointed to a Large family detached property in the Wilmslow
Repointed Semi- detached property in Macclesfield