Lime mortar pointing

Lime Mortar Repointing 

Lime mortar repointing, a traditional construction technique, plays a vital role in preserving historic and heritage buildings. Despite the dominance of modern materials, lime mortar continues to be a preferred choice for architectural preservation. 

  • The Legacy of Lime Mortar: 
  • Lime mortar, composed of lime, sand, and water, has been used for centuries in construction. Its unique properties make it ideal for repointing historic structures: 
  • Breathability: Lime mortar allows buildings to breathe, preventing moisture-related damage. 
  • Flexibility: Its flexibility accommodates a building’s natural movement without causing cracks. 
  • Historical Authenticity: Lime mortar can closely match the original mortar’s appearance, preserving historical charm. 

Benefits of Lime Mortar Repointing: 

  • Longevity: Lime mortar extends the lifespan of historic buildings due to its durability. 
  • Environmental Sustainability: Lime production has a lower environmental impact than Portland cement. 
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Lime mortar seamlessly blends with historic brickwork, enhancing the building’s appearance. 
  • Lime mortar repointing epitomizes the harmony between historical authenticity, sustainability, and architectural preservation. As we continue to value our built heritage, this technique remains essential, ensuring that our architectural treasures endure for future generations. 

What happens if I choice to ignore having my property repointed ? 

  • Moisture Damage – mortar seals the natural gaps that moisture would normally get through. If this is not treated then over time moisture will find a way through and cause significant damage to interior walls and furthermore, heightens the risk of mold growth which in itself poses health risks. 
  • Property Valuation – the exterior of a property is the first thing that a purchaser or surveyor sees. Using the right mortar resulting in a high class finish will improve the buildings exterior visual appeal. Having a home which clearly requires repointing in some cases, can decrease your current valuation by up to 10% which in todays average property market equates to a £28,500.00 loss to you. 
  • Energy Efficiency – because your mortar covers any obvious gaps that wind/air would naturally get through, larger holes and cracks will make a negative difference to your home remaining warmer in the winter months. Long term, this will no doubt have a negative impact on your energy costs. 


Clearly over a period, the work involved will increase and therefore overall costs will be more. Coupled with the loss in property valuation, this would result in a total loss of £40,000.00 to the average homeowner so it’s important to… ACT NOW!