Stitch Crack Repair Rods

Stitch crack repairs are a specialized method used to fix cracks, fractures, or damage in materials such as concrete, masonry, or even metal. This technique involves embedding stitching elements, such as steel bars or carbon fibre strips, into the damaged area. These materials are then bonded to the substrate using epoxy resin or other adhesive compounds.

The stitching elements act as reinforcement to hold the cracked surfaces together and prevent further propagation of the crack. This method is particularly effective for repairing structural elements, such as beams, columns, and walls, as it helps restore the load-carrying capacity and structural integrity of the damaged element.

Stitch crack repairs are often preferred for their cost-effectiveness, minimal disruption to the structure, and ability to provide long-term durability. When performed by experienced professionals, stitch crack repairs can extend the service life of the repaired elements and ensure the safety and stability of the structure.

Cheshire pointing is the ideal choice for stitch crack repairs due to our expertise and specialization in traditional masonry and pointing techniques. We have a thorough understanding of the unique challenges posed by aged or damaged masonry and can provide tailored solutions to effectively address these issues, using high-quality materials combined with skilled craftsmanship ensures that the stitch crack repairs are carried out with precision and attention to detail, resulting in long-lasting and visually appealing outcomes.