Brick Slip pointing

Using and pointing brick slips internally can be a fantastic way to achieve a unique and visually appealing aesthetic within an interior space. Brick slips, which are essentially thin sections of brick, provide the look and feel of traditional brickwork without the added weight and depth of full-size bricks. When used indoors, brick slips can add texture, character, and warmth to a room, creating a rustic or industrial charm. Additionally, they can be applied to various surfaces, such as walls, fireplaces, or even kitchen backsplashes, allowing for versatile design options.

Pointing brick slips internally involves the process of filling the gaps between the slips with mortar to create a seamless and authentic brick wall appearance. This requires skill and attention to detail to ensure that the pointing is done evenly and cleanly. Properly pointed brick slips not only enhance the overall look of the installation but also provide structural support and stability. The choice of pointing style, whether it’s flush, recessed, or weather-struck, can further contribute to the desired aesthetic and complement the overall design scheme of the interior space.